Between these Walls

Between these Walls

A video about the new normal.

One pandemic. Millions of lives affected. Two artists. Multiple emotions. Nothing is the same. Gone is the world before the Coronavirus outbreak. Between These Walls is the story about the new normal.

A night out for fun, social and careless interactions are changed in restrictions, precautions and 1,5 meter distance. Between These Walls is a representation of the emotional aftermath of the pandemic and makes it visual and identifiable.

Project Nana combines audio and visuals that takes everyone on a trip to the new normal. The changes in the horeca scene are for the time being a fact. How do you adjust? How do you feel about the adjustments? What does this new normal look like? Before the pandemic clubbing was a creative concept where people came together to relax and release. That concept has transformed to a distant get together where relaxation and release are replaced by limited connection and safety measures.

As a creative entrepreneur it wasn't very hard for Project Nana to relate to the current circumstances which the song is about. With the visuals of Between These Walls he made sure to make the song cinematic and stimulate the emotions within this topic. The melodies of the song trigger relatable feelings and at the same time allows you to also experience joy and escape within the music. Between These Walls is a collaboration between Project Nana, Sterre Naca, IMMXTVR and directed by Gomesfilm. A preview to the new normal.


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By playing with words and emotions he creates music. The melodies and ritmic lyrics will entertain and educate you at the same time. Music is in the blood of the Cameroonian Christiaan Nana and as a creative entrepreneur he makes sure that it’s the red threat of everything he does. While listening to his music you’ll get a sneak peak of the moments of his life. Through his music, you will get a taste of his emotions.

He intents to take his listeners on a trip through the beautiful things in life. His passion for storytelling and his passion for life itself is translated to his music. Besides putting a spotlight on the positive things in life, he also includes the difficulties from his own timeline into his music. It’s a mix of ups and downs, a musical arrangement of the reality. 

Christiaan has always been active in the creative field and puts his focus on the youth. With multiple workshops he teaches the new generation to use their authenticity while he is building and influential community. He feels passionate about making a change and connects that to his love for music. The creative process that brings all these factors together has transformed into a project where he can share his experiences in many ways. 

To bring his storytelling skills to life he uses the stage. The stage is no new phenomenon to Christiaan. Before the studio became his new home he already took residence on stage. He has gotten the attention from the audience by performing on multiple popstages and even got experience abroad when he performed in China. By combining his strong and deep lyrics with some up tempo beats you will get the best of both worlds. 

As an artist, workshop teacher and entrepreneur Christiaan has got an unique view on the creative process. Making a song is more than just writing the lyrics at that moment. Before the letters get on the paper he is already processing the concept and performance of the song. He treats his music like a project. That is why on every creative area he uses the name ‘Project Nana’.

Project Nana is comprehensive. This project contains music, educations, growth and empowerment. Under this name Christiaan shares all his creative concepts with the world.





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